The Harwich Redoubt

This modern day museum is full of rich history. This massive structure was constructed between 1808-1810 in an effort to provide the Harwich port with protection against a Napoleonic invasion. Harwich Redoubt was but one part of a massive plan involving almost 30 Martello Towers. Homes and large trees were demolished, allowing a free view in every direction from the tower.

After that, it was stocked with 24 pounder cannons. As time passed on, renovations were made to accommodate heavier guns and to reinforce the walls, allowing the structure to withstand the heavier artillery of enemies. Walls were fortified with granite and the 24 pound cannons were replaced with 69 pound cannons.

The Redoubt was used for much more than just guns. Encasements provided housing for up to 300 troops that remained ready for combat. This circular structure was full of military, from guns and weapons to soldiers and sergeants. Every aspect of this military monument was geared at protecting the harbor and being ready to fight. As threats changed, so did The Redoubt. When military threats were low, it exchanged hands and the troops were sent home.

Years after the first renovations were made, this massive structure exchanged hands and more changes were made, but they wouldn’t last long. The Redoubt became military property once again during the Second Great War, when it housed British troops that were waiting for their trials. Today, visitors can still view the writing on the walls that was left by prisoners. It then fell into the hands of the British Civil Defense Organisation until they were no longer active. Soon after, transformations began to turn the Redoubt into what it is today. The Redoubt remains one of the largest buildings of its kind to be open to the public, and to have so many renovations completed voluntarily.

Renovations continue to present day, but the Redoubt is still actively in use as a museum. Visitors can enjoy looking at some of the guns that were once housed in this ancient military structure in addition to several other military exhibits. Firearms remain a large part of The Redoubt, but it is also focuses on the military. Battle re-enactments during the summer and battle exhibits provide both entertainment and education for both children and adults.

As renovations continue, The Redoubt is full of mystery. An ancient gun was unearthed in the moat and there are plenty of rumors that this historical site is haunted. Reports of ghosts and paranormal activity in The Redoubt remain a popular topic for ghost hunters and the community. Investigations have been conducted, and the findings are quite interesting.  Ghost hunting nights are a regular and individuals that find paranormal activity fascinating are encouraged to put this site on their bucket list.

Whether you are looking for a fun day out with your son or have been dying to see some paranormal activity, you can more than likely find it at The Redoubt in Harwich.