Visiting Layer Marney Tower Near Colchester

The Layer Marney Tower gives a great fun day out in Essex. Although it is the tallest Tudor Gatehouse in the county, Layer Marney Tower doesn’t overwhelm the skyline until you are nearly at it. However, take a trip up the River Blackwater as a pretend invader and you couldn’t fail to be blown away by its stately grandeur.

They are open to interested guests on a Sunday and Wednesday afternoons in May and June. 12 pm till 5.00 p.m.

If you are interested in the past, come on one of the days they have there guided tours.  Guided Tours are for groups of twenty or more and cost around £12.00 each, always led by one of the proprietors, they are a really good way to get a sense of the Tower and how it is such a superb and old building that was never completed. Guided Tours can be booked all year round.  Invitation to View is a guided trip for individuals there are five Invitations to View trips during the summer months.   Book through the Mercury Theatre 01206 573948.  On some Sundays, during the summer they have informal Tower Tours when a staff member leads a group up the Tower giving some history on its background.  You don’t need to book, just see the events’ list for dates on the main website for information

Built around 1520. Layer Marney Tower, around 5 miles south of Colchester off the B1022 Maldon Road, is the tallest Tudor Gatehouse in Essex, in fact, England. The building is principally the creation of Henry, the first Lord Marney, a  friend of Henry VIII.

Henry VIII was so amazed by the construction he came to stay in 1522. As the Palace was never completed, it would have been a building site.

The 80ft tower is definitely worth the effort for the superb view of the Essex countryside it offers.