Half Penny Pier

Half Penny Pier got its name from the half penny that it originally cost to enjoy the pier. Construction on this popular attraction began in 1852, and it was ready for all to enjoy in July of 1853. The pier remained a popular attraction for paddle steams until the World War I came to an end. Despite the lack of paddle steams, families continued to enjoy the pier.

After that, the pier remained a popular attraction, but much has changed over time. For example, the pier was originally two time as long as the present Half Penny Pier, but half of it was destroyed by a brutal fire in 1927. The Pier Ticket Office is another prime example of how Half Penny Pier has changed over time. It once had two levels and lacked the bell cage that now adorns it. Instead, the ticket office is now home to an informative Visitor Centre, which is open May 1st– September 30. The Pier Visitor Centre also display the ‘Christopher Jones and the Mayflower’ exhibit; a free exhibit that provides fun and education for all ages.

Half Penny Pier provides more than just education. A quaint room that sits opposite to the Mayflower Show provides tables and chairs where friends enjoy sipping on coffee, catching up and simply relaxing.

Half Penny Pier remains a historical area of interest for anyone that would like to relax and for certain celebrations, such as the 40th anniversary of a 1900’s radio station. This attraction was such a hit that the 45th anniversary celebration was held here in April 2009.

This quaint pier remains one of the main attractions in Harwich. Nestled around restaurants and other areas of interest, one could easily spend a day relaxing here.

Harwich Harbour Ferry

Harwich Harbour Ferry is currently the only ferry service that connects Essex with the area of Suffolk. She’s seen many changes over the years, and is currently a renovated lifeboat. Passengers feel safer than ever within the 1-2 inches of metal, wood and fiberglass. The supply of a life raft and life jackets is there to make sure that every passenger is safe.

Whether you are looking for transportation or a relaxing ride down the river, Harwich Harbour Ferry can help you out. The new boat can accommodate up to 58 passengers, making this ferry service ideal for larger groups. Ferry staff are educated on the wildlife along the river for inquiring minds, and frequent stops at foot paths guarantee easy access to delightful restaurants, giving you the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends.

After 104 years of changes and improvement, Harwich Harbour Ferry Service provides better service than ever before. Parties can book seat to ensure that all member of the group can travel together, water tours are offered, and a boarding ramp to make coming aboard easy for every passenger is in the works. Every year seems to bring more improvements, and 2016 is no exception. The new boat combined with the same friendly staff make Harwich Harbour Ferry a fun experience for everyone involved.