Frinton and Harwich – Nice places to visit

Frinton, with its wide sandy beach, has gone out of its way to stay as un commercialised as possible and maintain its reputation as a quiet family place.
Somewhat in contrast to its neighbour, Clacton or Walton has a sense of beauty and has been awarded for that for its superb cleanliness with a Blue Flag award.

The beautiful shelving sands are divided up by some timber groynes. Frinton’s sand is of the quality that is great for making sandcastles – nice and firm. This ensures it is also ideal for running around on and beach games, further asserting its hold as a fine family beach.

To the back of the beach is a lovely promenade, much of which is lined with bright, old-fashioned beach sheds. There is also a large grassy area, the Greensward, which is a perfect place for a picnic.

Known throughout Essex as an exclusive resort, Frinton keeps an atmosphere of the 1920/30’s. Tree-lined roads sweep along to the not out of place Esplanade and cliff-top greensward, with its bright old Victorian-style beach huts.

The sandy beach is quiet and secluded. The sea front is still lined by many Victorian style beach huts, reminiscent of the days when the town was a favourite retreat for the aristocracy and even royalty.Play a game of golf or tennis, followed by a cream tea.


Ships are associated with Harwich. Harwich in Europe now means big fast flash ferries, but Packet Boats have been setting sail from Harwich to Holland since the mid-1600’s. In 1660 a ship yard was built, and many great ships were built for the Royal Navy.

At this time nearly the whole British Navy could be housed in the vast natural harbour created by the joining of the Rivers Stour and Orwell. The English Fleet coming back from the defeat of the Spanish Armada moored into Harwich Harbour in 1588. Harwich is also known as one of the Haven Ports; that is a haven for boats at times of dodgy winds.

The town was always littered with sailors, but particularly so in times of wartime, and this led to a huge number of pubs.

Why not pop down and see the town in its glory while on your travels